Tour 8:Biosphere Reserve Spreewald

Going southeast out of Berlin half way to Dresden one finds a unique fascinating landscape. About 100 km away from Berlin there is the “Spreewald”, a landscape by the river Spree similiar to a primeval forest. On an area measuring just 70 km in length and 15 km in width there are more than 200 small channels, alder forests on wetlands, pine forests on sandy dry grounds, grasslands and fields, all naturally shaped during the last ice age. It was designated as a biosphere reserve by the Unesco in 1991. Ferrymen, – women, often in their traditional dress, move their clients along the waterways, called “Fliesse”, in little wooden flat-bottom boats.

Besides the amazing nature one passes through old villages with half-timbered houses. In the 6th century westslavic tribes, Sorbs and Wends, have settled here. Their traditional culture, their lifestyle, their language are still vivid. During a stop of the boat ride there will be an option to visit the so called “Museumvillage” and enjoy typical local Spreewaldcuisine, which never ever would be perfect without the Spreewald-pickles, the famous cucumbers and to spice up the Spreewald-horseradish, also available as to-take-aways in various styles.

Guided and non guided insight visits as well as restaurants can be arranged.

  • 8 hours