Tour 7:Dresden and Meissen

The capital of the Federal State Saxony is famous for its many baroque buildings on the emkankment of the river Elbe. Because people felt reminded of the famous Italian baroque city Florence in many publications Dresden is referred to as “Florence on the river Elbe”.

Coming to Dresden there is no choice but taking up the trails of Saxony`s most important ruler Augustus the Strong. The art and treasure collections he had founded attract millions of visitors to the town every year. In the inferno during the bombings of the 13th and 14th of February 1945 the city was disastrously destroyed. After decades of reconstruction work Dresden shows once again up as one of the most beautiful baroque towns of Northern Europe. Since 2006 the famous rebuilt Church of our Lady, “Frauenkirche”, in the centre of the old town can be visited again. After 2,5 hours car ride on the “Autobahn”, the German free motorway, one arrives in the historic centre and starts with a walking tour through the old town visiting following sights:

  • the Zwingerpalace with the Semper Gallery
  • the Semper Opera House
  • the Taschenbergpalace
  • the Residence Castle, with the "Green Vault" the treasure chamber of Saxony's rulers
  • the Cathedral
  • the Bruehl's Terrace with splendid buildings like the Albertinum and the Academy of Arts.

In the afternoon the tour proceeds on to Meißen, where Saxony`s famous “White Gold” has been produced for 300 years already. Enjoying the landscape along the Elberiver one arrives after approximately 30 minutes in the medieval town, where in its castle “Abrechtsburg” the first porcelain manufactory in Europe had been founded. The so called “Show manufactory” of its today`s production centre offers interesting tours on the production process of Europes oldest china.
The masterpieces are exhibited in the allocated museum.

Guided and non guided insight visits as well as restaurants can be arranged.

  • 12 hours