Tour 5:Lutherstadt Wittenberg

After 1,5 hours car ride one arrives in Wittenberg, the city of the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther spent most of his lifetime here. Phillip Melanchthon, called the Teacher of Germany and Lucas Cranach the Elder, pharmacist, great artist and mayor of the town, were living in the same street. The houses and working places of these great personalities as well as the castle of Friedrich the Wise, Luther`s protector and a lot of other historic buildings of that important period will be visited during a walking tour in the carefully restored old town. Since 1996 it has been listed as Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO.

 Following places will be visited:

  • the Schlosskirche, Castle Curch, with Luther`s 95 theses and the tombs of Luther and Melanchthon
  • Church to St.Mary`s, City Church, Luther`s sermon church and the place,where he married Katharina von Bora *
  • the Town Hall
  • the Cranachhouse
  • the Melanchthonhouse
  • the University Building
  • the Lutherhouse and -museum.

Guided and non guided insight visits as well as restaurants can be arranged.

Optional: Extension to visit Leipzig, 40 minutes car ride away.
Tour duration in case of both towns: 10-12 hours

*”Luther’s wedding” traditional festival in the town

  • 6 - 8 hours