Tour 12:At the cradle of Brandenburg

The first highlight of this tour is Caputh, a lovely village southwest of Berlin on the south bank of the river Havel, where one finds a castle of the Hohenzollern dynasty designed in an early baroque style. Albert Einstein chose Caputh to have a summerhouse there.

Driving down the road on the embankment of the lake Schwielowsee the tour proceeds on to Petzow, a small village with architectural spots likes the village church and a castle designed by the architect at the royal court of Prussia Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

Approximately 10 kilometers from there is Werder, Brandenburg’s only city on an island, where they celebrate the blossoming of trees every spring by having a festival. The charming city by the river Havel is well preserved in its old baroque structure.

Finally one comes to Brandenburg, the oldest town in the federal state with the same name. It has three historical centers, called Old Town, New Town and Dominsel, Island of the Cathedral. The combination of monumental churches, medieval buildings and houses, wide parks, inner-city quaysides by the river Havel forms the special character of this town.

On request we can organize a visit to the old Cistercian Monastery Lehnin. The restored Monastery was founded by Margrave Otto I. of Brandenburg in 1180. It is situated in the middle of a landscape with green woods and lakes. Its visit with the adjacent cloister museum might be a wonderful close of your journey through time in Brandenburg.

Guided and no guided insight visits as well as restaurants can be arranged.

  • 5 - 8 hours