Tour 6:Potsdam

When you travel to Berlin you should not miss to see the more than 1000 years old Prussian garrison and residence town. There is no other place so deeply characterized by the Hohenzollerndynasty. They had let lay out a garden realm of tremendous beauty. The greatest landscape gardeners and architects designed parks, gardens, palaces and many other buildings by using the natural conditions like wide forests, rivers and lakes. The former summer residence of the Hohenzollern with its parks and about 20 palaces is listed as Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO. Also the carefully restored baroque old town invites to be visited.

Potsdam`s most famous place is Sanssoucipalace surrounded by its rokoko garden. Friedrich II., the Great King of Prussia, chose to spent the summers here. But he was not the first and not the only one to have palaces built here. His father, Friedrich Wilhelm I, known as Soldierking and all of Friedrich`s successors loved the town with its surrounding. The last Hohenzollernpalace to be built, Cecilienhofpalace, became worldfamous in summer 1945, when the big three, the representatives of the war allies U.S.A., Great Britain and the Sovietunion had a conference here and signed the Potsdam Treaty on the 2nd of August 1945. Original rooms like the studies of Truman, Churchill and Stalin as well as the conference room can be visited.

From Berlins city centre one passes through the suburbs Zehlendorf, Dahlem and Wannsee to reach the city limits of Potsdam after 30 minutes. There you will cross over Glienicke Bridge, where there was the borderline between east and west. Local people call it “Spies-Bridge” since the Americans and Soviets had several times used it for exchanges of spies during the Cold War period.

This tour offers a lot of historical information on Prussia but at the same time the opportunity to relax from daily stress in one of the most beautiful garden landscapes of the world.

Following is included in the tour:

  • exclusive residential areas in Berlin and Potsdam
  • the Glienicke Bridge
  • Cecilienhofpalcace
  • Sanssoucipalace
  • the Dutch Quarter
  • the Russian Colony Alexandrowka a.o.

Guided and non guided insight visits as well as restaurants can be arranged.

  • 4 - 6 hours