Tour 11:The eastern part of Brandenburg with the Märkische Schweiz

Going eastwards out of Berlin, after a few minutes ride in the countryside one reaches one of the most beautiful small towns of Brandenburg – Altlandsberg. The well preserved and carefully restored old town with its 200 years old domestic architecture is surrounded by a medieval city wall built in 15th century.

Going farther east out of Altlandsberg one is surprised at the scenery changing from lowland into hilly landscape with romantic valleys, hills and wonderful greenwood. This protected area shaped during the last ice age is called Nature Park Märkische Schweiz. When the great Theodor Fontane saw the little spa town of Buckow situated by the wide lake Schermützelsee embedded into the deep mixed forest he was overwhelmed by its beauty. Since then many painters, poets and writers have been enjoying this inspiring atmosphere, amongst them Bertolt Brecht and John Heartlfield.

The former summerhouse of Bertolt Brecht and Helene Weigel is a museum now and open to be visited there. On request.

The excursion goes on to Neuhardenberg the Gate of the Oderbruch-situated at the edge of the Märkische Schweiz. It offers impressing architecture designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel one of the greatest architects in Prussia around 1800. Together with Peter Josef Lennè, that time Prussia’s great landscaper for the royal gardens, they created a complete ensemble of a village with its church, all the houses, the village green and a castle with a park.

Close by there is a memorial dedicated to ten thousand of soldiers from many countries who died in the battles during the last days of the Second World War shortly before the unconditional surrender of Germany. A visit to it can be organized on request.

On the former Reichsstraße #1, once the most important west-east road connection in the northern part of Prussia, you will be heading back to Berlin.

Guided and no guided insight visits as well as restaurants can be arranged.

  • 5 - 8 hours