We would like to present you with some suggested tours of Berlin and the surrounding area to give you an idea of what Berlin has to offer. Our tours normally start and end in Berlin, but as suggestions, they can be easily modified to fit your needs.

These tours are carried out by our experienced, professional personnel, chauffeurs, driver-guides and guides, all of whom speak at least two languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Greek and Russian.

Of course, all our vehicles are air conditioned. We would of course be happy to give you any information and set up an individual itinerary for you. We would like to prove our capabilities to you and your corporate or VIP clients.

Tour 1:Berlin City

This is a tour to introduce Germany’s most colourful city to you. Berlin was the residence of the Hohenzollern dynasty, …

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Tour 2:Changing Berlin

2019 is the year of the 30th anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution and the fall of the Berlin Wall. These events had a drastic impact …

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Tour 3:Jewish History in Berlin

This is a tour to take up trails of Berlin`s Jewish community. When the Nazis took over …

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Tour 4:The Third Reich

The tour is focussed on sites, buildings, architectural ensembles, remnants of an era of terror which had disastrous consequences for the whole world …

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Tour 5:Lutherstadt Wittenberg

After 1,5 hours car ride one arrives in Wittenberg, the city of the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther spent …

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Tour 6:Potsdam

When you travel to Berlin you should not miss to see the more than 1000 years old Prussian garrison and residence town. …

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Tour 7:Dresden and Meissen

The capital of the Federal State Saxony is famous for its many baroque buildings on the emkankment of the river Elbe. …

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Tour 8:Biosphere Reserve Spreewald

Going southeast out of Berlin half way to Dresden one finds a unique fascinating landscape. …

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Tour 9:Dessau - Bauhaus Town in the Garden Realm

About an hour car ride away from Berlin there is Dessau, the city …

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Tour 10:Leipzig

The city looks back at a centuries` long tradition as an international trade centre as well as a centre of culture and music. The University of Leipzig is the second oldest …

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Tour 11:The eastern part of Brandenburg with the Märkische Schweiz

Going eastwards out of Berlin, after a few minutes ride in the countryside …

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Tour 12:At the cradle of Brandenburg

The first highlight of this tour is Caputh, a lovely village southwest of Berlin on the south bank of the river Havel, where one finds a castle of the …

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Special tours:Explore the City!

Would you like to fulfil desires of your guests? Would you like to offer tours for those who have special interests or hobbies?

We are able to offer a wide range of specialized tours focussing on selected subjects as architecture, history, culture, art a.o.

Allow us to arrange your individual tour. We will find the right driver and guide for you to meet your request.

Duration of the tour depends on individual interests.